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Cat Litter Shipping And Loading

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Update time : 2021-01-19 14:46:49

Go to the container yard!

Before the Chinese New Year, more and more customers began to increase their orders in order to prevent the shortage of cat litter inventory. This also includes customers who didn't buy cat litter from us before, because other suppliers can't supply it now, so they come to us to purchase. At this time, our company's advantage has emerged, our cat litter supply is sufficient. So, please take this into consideration when you compare prices.
Due to the increase in shipments, our sales staff decided to go to the container site to monitor the loading of the goods in order to smoothly ship the packaged goods. First of all, during this special period, we were allowed to enter the venue after signing an agreement. In addition, because the venue is very dangerous, we must wear safety helmets. Looking at the photos of the site in the office is completely different from the feeling at the site. We will supervise the sub-packing of cat litter at the site to reduce the damage rate and ensure that the goods are completely loaded into the container. Therefore, even at such a busy stage, you should not worry about the shipment of goods. We will surely make the cat litter arrive at your port quickly and safely.

Our salespersons are professional, efficient, and have practical experience. Will definitely provide professional advice for your cat litter purchase!

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