Pine Wood Pellet Cat Litter Non-Clumping Strip Shape 6mm

Item No.: EZ07A
Made from pine wood shavings and chips,processed by extrusion of high-temperature and high-pressure.It is free of harmful substances such as formaldehyde, the surface is smooth and beautiful, absorbs urine quickly.
Raw material 100% pine wood chips Absorption speed 30 seconds
Diameter 6MM Deodorization rate 95%min
Shape strip shape Moisture 8%max
Bulk density 600 kg / m³ Dust rate 1%max
95% odor seal
The biggest problem for cats owners is the one of odor. Our EZ CAT pine wood cat litter could cover and kill the odor up to 95%.
99% dust-free
Dust is an ememy not only for cats, but also for cats owners. EZ CAT pine wood cat litter don't have this problem because its raw material is totally eco and healthy.
Absorb urine quickly,non-clumping and after using can be directly flushed into the toilet.It's very economical and suitable for multiple cats family.
Natual material
EZ CAT pine wood cat litter applies natual material which is safe for humans and cats. At the same time, natural material can gurantee the stability of quality.
New techonology
In the market, factories use traditional technology to produce pine wood cat litter. But we use new technology which can save the wastage and increase efficiency.
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